Welcome to the Xemo Blog!

Xemo is a robot simulation game that combines physics, motion pattern generation and optimization to program and control bipedal (two-footed) robots.

The idea for this game came about from an Evolutionary Robotics course that I took with Dr. Josh Bongard at the University of Vermont. I was working full time and pursuing a PhD in computer science on the side.

I became so fascinated with the idea of controlling robots in a simulation environment that I decided to cut short the PhD program, quit my job, and launch full-time into developing this game. Luckily, I was able to secure funding from the National Science Foundation SBIR program to help cover the development costs.

So, I hope that you follow us along on this journey and join in the fun as we train robots to sit, crouch, stand, balance, walk, run, jump and then compete the challenge arena.

Join Us! You can download the Xemo game on our website and join our community to discuss the game and provide the developers with suggestions and feedback.